Our Publications

Every work published by us becomes a must-read for our target audience. These publications below have inspired and transformed many lives in many ways and you cannot be an exception. You will see this as an understatement if you read any of them.

Your Life Over The Next Few Years


This is a brief text on how to approach life in tertiary school. Follow the guidelines herein and be amazed at your results by the time you graduate.

Reformed Or Deformed


This is a complete guide on living fruitfully in tertiary school and graduating without regrets. It is not brief. In total, it has 140 pages. It details everything you must do from first year to final year in order to have zero regrets.

Cheers and Tears of After-School Life


This is the book for everyone who has finished school and has decided to ‘start life’. The book sets the standards you need to aim for in life, teaches what it truly means to be successful as an employee or employer and shows you how to get there regardless of your present circumstances.

What’s special about this book is, it’s highly enriched rich with about 50 real-life scenarios and stories that convey its message in the most transformational ways.

Face-to-face interview with Lucifer


This is a fictional text crafted to unveil truths about Christianity that the church has missed. For the first time, Lucifer, the father of lies, is made to speak the entire truth about life, creation and the future of humanity. Many people who have read it said most of their doubts were cleared and their questions answered.