About Us


Eqay Inspire is not here to thrill you with inspirational quotes. We are not here to entertain. Our purpose is to change lives positively through our highly transfromational articles, booklets, books, videos and more.


We believe that “change is possible”

In this generation, a lot has gone wrong. Relationships, religions, politics, economic issues and what have you. Sadly, all indications show it will all get worse. At Eqay Inspire, we believe in the opposite. We choose to move against the tides. We are fully convinced it is possible to alter the course of things and we are immovably committed to effecting that change. It is possible. And we will do it.

We give the greatest answers in the best packages

We delight in offering you perspectives that have never crossed your mind. We infuse thought-provoking, unconventional but authentic, and shocking revelations in all we offer. You will not only learn of the greatest-available modules to your life but a thrilling fact, story or style that keeps the vitals indelible on your mind for maximum utilization.

We offer destination, shortest route and fuel

Life is a journey. Everyone has their peculiar destination. We equip you with every tool and resource you need to discover the exact destination you should pursue in life; show you the most effective way to move from wherever you are to those specific targets and also urge, inspire and compel you to never stop moving!

We are not afraid to change

We exist in a constantly developing world. The best way to build your life 10 years ago may differ a little bit now. We are not scared to admit that a previous module we published has become obsolete. Our aim is to offer the best at all times. We continually upgrade to keep our standards.

We are ready to go any length

Our ultimate dream is to see every person on earth live fulfilled and “complete” with every area of their lives devoid of regrets. If we chance upon an uncharted course we find plausible to employ in this quest, it falls in our plans immediately.

We are followers of Christ

We believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ and actively apply them in our own lives. In this day of rife falsehood and abundant deception, part of our goal is to reveal to you the authentic, practical, untold and even hard truths behind correct Christianity. This is last on our list because we will not rub our Christianity in your face. Whoever you are, you can join us without feeling judged. But you will know that we are followers of Christ.

Aside the transformational messages we share, we are available for speaking events.  We also offer life-transforming writing, editing and proofreading services. Reach out to us now. Later is often never.