“Why would anyone be so dumb?” I wondered

Archimedes, AKA Tokpa. We were mates from high school. Wherever you are, this is a heartfelt apology from me.

In first year, I was in the same hostel with Archimedes. We both were science students except that he was in a different stream.

I remember a day when I had a heated argument with this learned young man. He said in passing that whales are mammals and I immediately decided to take him on.

Mammals, as we know them, have hair or fur; are warm-blooded; are mostly born alive and the young are fed with milk produced by the mother’s mammary glands.

That night, I argued my heart out that a whale could never be a mammal. I was so vehement that Archimedes backed down.

“Why would anyone be so dumb to think a fish is a mammal?” I wondered.

One year later, I learned in Biology that whales aren’t fishes. Rather, they are mammals. They breathe air through a pair of lungs, are warm-blooded, their young drink milk, and they have hair!

It hit me that I was the one being stupid that eventful night. And I felt so sorry for how I treated Archimedes.

The Lesson

We live in a world full of mysteries. And constantly, we must be ready to be surprised. Never get to the point where you feel nothing can change what you know about life, spirituality, wealth creation, love and marriage, or any subject, even yourself.

There is always more to know. I have learned this learned the hard way through the experience above and some others.

Today, even if a madman is speaking, I listen attentively and ask questions to fully understand what they mean.

Sometimes, the breakthroughs you need lie on the other side of what you already know. It pays to be a perpetual learner.

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