It doesn’t matter who is holding the key

Quiz competitons are thrilling. I’ve always loved them since childhood. I remember one that was held at my local church back in the day. What occurred that day will always live with me.

The final round of the contest was for current affairs. A contestant was quizzed: “How many children has the Aflao Area Head?”

It didn’t look like the gentleman knew the answer. However, there were no fixed number of chances allowed to be taken at any question. You could mention any amount of possible answers until you got belled out.

Therefore, as expected, the contestant decided to start from beginning and climb up.

He mentioned “1”, it was wrong. He called out “2”, it was incorrect. He answered “3”, and was asked to try again.

He paused for a moment, and concluded in his mind that perhaps the Area Head has a lot of children. So he continued counting from 5 and it was all wrong. When he reached 12, his time was up.

The question was up to another contestant for a bonus and he mentioned “4”, which was the right answer.

We were all amazed and thrilled. But that incident has a crucial takeaway.

The Lesson

Life works on principles. And those who follow them to the letter are the ones who get the desired results.

Often, we decide to start new businesses, pursue new dreams, learn new skills, grow and achieve a lot.

But soon enough, when we plunge our heads into the task, we often start applying our self-fabricated modules to the finish line. Instead of following due process, we slack and then end up frustrated.

“Why did it work for so many people but isn’t working for me,” we wonder.

Some people take it to extreme to think that they are cursed or are simply unlucky.

But the truth is, life works based on principles. These principles are keys that open doors. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO IS HOLDING THE KEY. The door will surely open.

Follow due process and the results will amaze you.

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