I was the only one who knew-Part 2

The other day, I shared a story about how a beautiful shoe I bought turned out to be a living nightmare. 

Everyone admired its outside beauty but my toes hurt badly like I was wounded anytime I had them on.

On one occasion, I was walking in close proximity with some of my friends when a gentleman mistakenly stepped on my foot. The hurt multiplied.

I jolted instantly and groaned out of the excruciating pain. I had to stand aside for a while before gaining my balance again.

On the outside, how the young man’s foot impacted mine appeared insignificant. It’s something that happened every now and then.

And you didn’t need to make a fuss about it if you were the victim.

Everyone looked at my expression of pain and I could see the disappointment on their face. “Why are you acting this out like a big deal?” they thought.

To them, I was overly exaggerating. But I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO KNEW the pain I was in.


Sometimes, we look at other people’s circumstances and underrate the sufferings they are going through.

We see their deprivations and conclude that they are lazy or unwise.

We see poor people and assume that somehow it’s their fault or they don’t strive hard enough.

We hear people express how painful an experience has been for them and conclude they are being too sentimental or simply verbose.

But the truth is, we are not in their shoes. We cannot truly understand how they feel. Instead of downplaying their emotions, we should rather respect their feelings and empathize with them.

Things are not always the way they look.

© Ebenezer Agbey Quist

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