Only the ones lying on the surface


I once worked in a shea nut processing company where we received most of our raw materials from distances nearing 1,000km away.

Each truck, depending on the size, loaded several dozens of the heavy shea nut sacks.

What always baffled me was that the entire load was usually kept in position by ropes wrapped around tarpaulin.

Not every shea nut sack gets a direct contact with the anchorage. It is only the ones lying on the surface that do.

And yet, these trucks are able to travel speedily over a zillion kilometers and our raw materials are still kept in position and great condition.


Just as not all the shea nut bags are belted, but they travel several hours without any qualms, not everyone in our country will live responsibly for the system to work well.

There will always be bad nuts.

Just as some shea nut sacks are out of touch with the ropes, there will always be people who will find their ways around our laws, regulations, civic and spiritual responsibilities.

However, if those of us who believe in success without corruption, love for mankind, selflessness and the greater good, will stand our grounds firmly, it won’t be long before everyone else would be held in position.

So don’t look over to your coworkers or mates making foul gains and decide to settle in. It is not about them; it is about you. You need to be the difference. You have to keep the faith. It is you we are counting on.

When we get enough people like you and me, the oddities will have no option than to toe the right line.

As written by Ebenezer Agbey Quist.

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