Dangerous but not to the mates

Have you ever seen a local driver’s assistant (trotro mate) getting on board a moving car?

It always looks so swift and easy.

However, if you’ve tried getting down from a car in transit before, you’ll know that making the transition is a risky act.

It is dangerous but not to the mates because they have mastered the craft with a trick.

From what I’ve noticed, they observe the speed of the car and get themselves ready by sprinting with a similar speed.

When by their calculation, they have gained enough momentum to make the climb, they switch onto the vehicle and that’s it.

The Lesson

When you want to transition from one form of existence to another, you require some conversance in the new way of life first. Otherwise, it becomes a risky act that might hurt you badly.

That’s why you don’t have to quit a job to start a business you have no experience in. You start the business or gain enough experience (momentum) and when by adequate estimation, you can safely make the switch, then you move.

That’s also why you shouldn’t marry someone without having hard conversations with them regarding the journey ahead. You should jump onto that next level only after you have assessed it well and realize you have enough momentum to make the climb with them.

Life is a journey. We are required to negotiate curves and travel new paths every now and then.

But we must gain enough momentum before making switches or we end up risking too much.

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