The underside of my mother’s shoe

In the early 2000s, I was a young Sunday school boy trying to figure out what this life is about and how best I could play my part in it. 

We were always encouraged at church to be good and obedient kids. I heartily imbibed the counsels and did everything in my power to live them out.

One morning, my mum asked me to polish her footwear. I decided to do it even beyond expectation.

I applied the polish on every side of the sandals, including the underside of the sole. If that wasn’t enough, I went ahead to shine it thoroughly with the brush.

I was pleased with myself until my mom came to put on the pair and the under-sole-polish stained her hand and the floor.

“Who polishes the underside of a shoe?” I remember she asked. “Now see the harm you have caused”.

I couldn’t believe the outcome of me going the extra mile to be good turned out this bad.

The Lesson

Later in life, I came to understand that too much of everything is truly bad. I used to think this saying was false for laudable acts like praying, giving, helping others and polishing a shoe.

But now I know that everything works best at their optimum level. Beyond that is deadly and below that is fatal.

If you don’t maintain a good level of balance in life, it is possible to possess a good heart and good intentions but still fail at life.

For instance, you must love and care for people, but there are people who will keep pulling you back if you give them too much of your attention.

And so despite your love, you must learn to keep a distance from such people for your own sanity.

There are myriads of other examples. Just think about it.

© Ebenezer Agbey Quist

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