All I saw was a dream killer

When I was a child, my mom and I embarked on a short journey and returned by a sprinter. I was very young by then.

So young and portable that anyone could carry me however they pleased without consent from me.

When it was time for us to alight, I realized my mom was behind me and so I’d have to get down by myself.

I was excited. I always got carried in moments like this. “Not this time” or so I thought.

I waited a second to check height I needed to descend from and got myself ready to make my big stride.

Just when I was about to step down, a pair of hands grabbed me by the sides, uprooting me from the sprinter and planting me gently on the ground.

I was unhappy. The onlookers, including my mom, were pleased with the young man for his heroic act.

But all I saw was a dream killer. Someone who robbed me off my only opportunity to do something for myself and feel like a man.


Now, surely, my rage was misplaced. I could have easily gotten hurt if I made that jump myself.

Plus, I was too young to want things done in my own accord.

However, life has taught me that good is not always regarded as good if it’s forced on people.

If you’re crazy about helping someone, don’t make it mandatory. Convince them to understand your actions before going ahead to perform them.

People have a right to have what they want, be it good or bad. You must understand this first. Then, you can adequately offer assistance that will make the right impact and also be appreciated.

Don’t wait to learn to this the hard way.

As written by Ebenezer Agbey Quist

This is only one of the many real-life inspirational messages shared in the Facebook group What Life Just Taught Me. Search for it and join us for a life-changing experience.

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