Not just any 2 girls: My crush and her friend


Have you ever tried to wash on a hot afternoon shortly after taking lunch? It can be such a slow and tiring process. I know because I have been there.

I was in high school. It was a Saturday. We had just finished eating spaghetti at the dining hall. Elinam, a good friend of mine and I returned to wash our dirty uniforms and dry before the sun goes down.

We were going to wash under a tree on a park that was beside our school ‘house’. On the other side of the tree was a way that led straight to the girls’ ‘house’. But I didn’t care.

I was weak. I lay back under the tree in an attempt to heal from my weakness and asked Elinam to go fetch the water. As I rested, I wondered how exactly I would be able to gather any ounce of strength to wash.

Then, out of nowhere, I saw two girls coming. Not just any two girls. Ewoe, my high school crush and Pene, her closest friend. They had gone to wash their items and were on their way back to their dormitory. Each one carried a bucket of water on the head and another bucket full of washed clothes on one hand.

The instant I set my eyes on them, I was filled with great energy. I sprung onto my feet and hurried towards them. I claimed both buckets containing the washed items to relief them a little of their burden, and walked with them all the way to the girls’ house.

I remember even going way beyond the limit they gave me. I only stopped when I did because I had gotten too close to their dormitory and could land myself in trouble.

After that, I rushed back to help Elinam fetch the rest of the water, and hurriedly washed most of the items at a go. We finished pretty quickly and I went to fetch some more water for us to bath.

The Lessons

Wait o. Before the lesson, why are you smiling? Hahaha.
Anyway, let’s get right into it.

1. Tiredness is different from laziness

When I lay under that tree, I thought I was genuinely weak, worn out and tired. But actually, it was more of laziness and a lack of motivation. Whenever you feel too weak or worn out to complete a task, or in life in general, try getting yourself some inspiration.

2. Factors of inspiration work

We live in a day when people want to oppose any and everything including motivational quotes. You’d hear people make mockery of powerful words of inspiration and tell themselves ‘I kent kom and kee masef’.

Yet, from my story, inspiration works. Your productivity can literally skyrocket because of a factor of motivation.

Furthermore, it is a dangerous thing to be unmotivated in life. Being unmotivated can make you highly unproductive, highly unfruitful and a failure.

And if it would take you to heed to factors of motivation to keep you going in life, you should. It is like fuel for the car. It is a necessity. You can breakdown without it.

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