The joy of losing my life savings

I was in form 1. This was junior high school. We were enjoying free education by this time and many parents usually had enough to pay for little expenses that popped up at school every now and then.

Yet, that was not Roy’s family. Roy was a good and smart friend of mine. And yes, that’s not his real name.

When our exam was drawing near, were asked to pay what was called “printing fee”. It was to cover the cost of printing our examination questions because the government had not provided that.

The deadline for payment had reached and Roy still didn’t settle the bill. Regularly, he would be embarrassed in front of the class as though he was his own parent who refused to pay.

I was moved deeply. During a free period, I enquired from Roy what the problem was and he told me there was no hope of him getting the money to pay.

So I did what I had to do. I had been saving for a while to purchase a wristwatch or a game for myself.

I went home, grabbed all the money and it was exactly the amount Roy needed. I brought it all to him the next day and the deal was done.

That money was all the money I had. It was my life savings and very valuable to me. But I felt very accomplished dashing it away. It was a great joy losing my life savings. And no other ear heard this story. Not even yours because you are ‘listening’ with your eyes. 😂

The Lesson

This life, my friends, is all about others. What you do for other people is what gives you the greatest gratification in life.

Nobody will come to your funeral and rejoice that you had six storey buildings or 12 cars. It will all be about how your life affected those around you positively.

Pause and ponder. (Selah)

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