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A dustbin changed my life

When I first moved out, I quickly realized that I needed to buy so many items to get myself together. With a personal resolve to do first things first, I started purchasing the items in decreasing order of importance.

The dustbin was one of the very last items I bought. Before I got the bin, I used to tie my little wastes into small polythenes and throw in a community bin when they got bigger. But over time, I realized that was messing up my kitchen. So I got myself a small dustbin where I’d keep my waste together before taking it out.

And boom! I was literally amazed by the beautiful transformation and order it (the least important item to me) brought to my little kitchen. A dustbin changed the way I lived. It changed my life.

The Lesson

The things we consider the least important make our lives uncomfortable until we put them right. A society cannot be well-ordered and developed until it creates good structures and living conditions for the riffraff.

A company cannot be truly great until the lowest-ranked employees are treated well with dignity, respect and honour.

If there’s great discomfort in some part of your life, maybe it’s time to turn towards some ‘least important’ elements, and put them right.

This is only one of the many real-life inspirational messages shared in the Facebook group What Life Just Taught Me. Search for it and join us for a life-changing experience.

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