Thank God I didn’t land on the floor

About four years ago, on one Sunday at my local assembly, I was quite late for church service.

Luckily, I entered while a prayer was being said. If you’ve ever been in that position before, I’m sure you’ll guess my next move.

I doubled up my steps to grab a seat before the prayer ends. Unfortunately for me, the chair I picked was partly broken.

Because I was in a rush, I didn’t take my time to have a close look at the seat. I sat heavily on the it, only to hear “krrreww!” Thank God I didn’t land on the floor.

Several eyes popped open and several necks turned to look my way. Exactly what I was trying to avoid!

The Lesson

When we get desperate for certain results in life, we end up losing focus on important factors that must be in place to avoid destruction.

This is true in several aspects of life but particularly in relationships.

Too many people go laying their weights on others, without taking their time to check for stability.

They get desperate to have the niceness and butterflies that falling in love comes with, and therefore lose track of the core foundational structures needed for love bonds to work.

If you’re yet to get bonded in love, please bear this in mind. Don’t get carried away.

Distraction is often the main cause of destruction. Be careful.

Authored by: Ebenezer Agbey Quist.

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