Everyone told me I couldn’t

When I was in primary two, I didn’t know how to draw. I was quite good in several subjects but not the arts or painting.

There were other students like me who also struggled to draw. Some of them played smart whenever drawing assignments were given and did a thing we called “tracing”.

You’d look for a book that has the object you’re tasked to draw, put the drawing sheet on the object and carefully follow the outlines. Tracing was considered cheating and the teachers hated that.

I never traced. I lived with my flaws and got low marks each time. Then one day, we were asked to draw horse 🐎 as homework.

I decided to do my very best in drawing this time. I found a textbook with a small horse, carefully studied its body contours and slowly replicated them in an enlarged form on a sheet of paper.

When I was done, I was so proud. The horse looked very beautiful and neatly done. I couldn’t wait to submit my assignment the next day.

I did, expecting to get a 9/10 or even 10/10. But the teacher marked and I got 2/10. I was heartbroken.

He told me there was no way I could have drawn the object; that he knew my ability and if indeed I drew it myself, it was surely traced.

I showed it to my friends, but they all backed the teacher. Everyone told me I couldn’t have produced that kind of drawing.

The Lesson

That incident lived with me for a long time. Later on in life, I came to understand two things

1. Not every positive step in life yields a direct positive result.

Just like how the Biblical Joseph ended up in prison for being faithful, sometimes, our positive decisions will end us in trouble.

We must not be dismayed if a positive action yields a negative result. It’s just part of the journey to greatness.

2. People won’t believe in you at the beginning

When you start chasing your big dreams, people will doubt you.

For instance, when I started sharing my write-ups, there were some who didn’t believe I wrote them myself.

When they doubt you, don’t stop. Keep moving. Keep producing your spectacular results. It’s either they join you get to the top or you’ll leave them behind.

As written by Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Author of Cheers and Tears of After-School Lifeand Reformed Or Deformed)

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